Friday, 30 June 2017

Back In The Button Tin

Not only do I have the lurgy, but I have passed it on my my young chap too, so our grand plans of days out have disappeared for the time being (although we did squeeze in a little trip to Wales on Wednesday). Plus, after watching episode 8 of Twin Peaks we can do little but stare at each other and gasp anyway. 

So I decided to sort out some more of Dan's Grandmother's things, being especially careful after finding the Royal Artillery badge in with some craft items. I have decided to keep a couple of craft items but I sorted out a nice pile to take to the charity shop too. 

Mainly threads, sewing machine bits, buttons and beads, these should sell pretty quickly. At the bottom of one of the boxes was an old piece of paper. 

An old receipt.

Someone had splashed out on a new coat. 

Look at that! 1940. This fancy sounding shop is now... an Argos!


  1. Those beads look amazing, a great find for someone browsing in the charity shop.

    1. The beads are lovely, all, nicely painted wood, good for any number of projects.