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Just Do It!

I've spoken a couple of times before about the plant jumble at the bottom of the garden here and here. Back in October we chopped the assorted roses and honeysuckle to the ground, hoping they would grow back. In the meantime a huge plant has continued to grow over from the house behind us, there's no back street or anything between the houses. This has been pushing the fence (which belongs to them) for as long as I can remember, and in the gales we had a while ago the fence finally snapped, so everything was pushed further into our garden. It has become apparent that our neighbour isn't going to do anything so we decided to take the bull by the horns and just chop the stuff down. 

Before. That's all one plant.


You can see how badly damaged and rotten the fence is. We just propped it up as best we could, it was easy to spot that the roses and honeysuckle have started to grow again and now have plenty of space. 

We were left with a rather large pile of debris. 

So dense and matted together, but it's gone now and it's one less thing to worry about. 


  1. What an amazing difference, well done you.

  2. We did the same at the bottom of our garden, the fence was being held up by ivy, no one knows who owns the fence, so we shared the cost of the replacement.

    1. I wouldn't object to sharing the cost of a replacement, I wouldn't even mind doing it, but we know that the fence does belong to the neighbour as it's totally in their garden, the wall is ours and the fence is behind it.


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