Friday, 7 April 2017

Pantry Philosophy

I have mentioned it many times before, I love my pantry. Yesterday I had to ask myself whether I did really love it - if I did why was it a filthy mess? Very much like my adventures with yeast extract reminded me that it's never too late to try a something new, maybe cleaning the pantry is there to remind me not to neglect the things in life I love. Now I just think I need something to illustrate the idea that just because I say I do something it doesn't mean I'm suggesting others should do it too. 

I bought two trolleys, one of which lives in the bathroom, from the charity shop when I very first started there, I think they may have even been my first purchases. You'll have to take my word for this as I accidentally deleted the before photo, but it was in a sorry state this morning, overloaded with all manner of things - bubble wrap, toys that other people had given me to give to my nieces, tea lights, straws, empty bags. The bottom shelf had given up!

The shelf back was popped back in place and the whole thing primped, now it contains what it should. At the top the essentials of life - crisps, chocolate, bread (in the fabric bag) and the medicine box. Middle shelf contains spare dried goods and the bottom holds old newspapers, I use them to line the bunny litter trays - the freebie property paper from the supermarket is particularly good. 

Everything else just needed to be dragged out, shelves cleaned, and everything rehoused. I did give some of the shelves a bit of a rejiggle, hopefully it makes sense to Dan, as it's his bread making stuff I've moved. 

Lots of space! Since this picture was taken I have drunk the Cherry B (I couldn't find out if it was sfv) and the Vimto, together I call them an Up The Clarets. It goes with my two other football related drinks, The Steaming Clattenburg - Pimms Winter, vodka and hot apple juice, and The Dyche which is Benedictine or Jagermeister with ginger beer. Slight wander away from the topic there. 

I did find a couple of things to remove from the house 

Mung beans. We've had these for a looooooong time, they just don't agree with me, my belly swells up like a gigantic, pasty beach ball, not pleasant. The tonic water is a leftover from when my brother came to stay, he didn't drink it and it's not been looked at since. The beans are in the bin, I don't know where the tonic water will go. 

Despite me being as forceful as I can be without causing a rift, every Christmas I tell my family I don't want presents, every year my SIL ignores me and sends something on behalf of the children. That's fine, but I would rather receive something they'd actually chosen than this (it would be a pair of Minions socks). Don't get me wrong I love benedictine, but it's not vegan. I've mentioned it to her, to my brother and to my mum, but every year the bottle of bene turns up. I think Dan is going to offer it to his friend who has probably never tried it - with him not being from East Lancs and all that. While I'm on the subject - fridge magnets, why do people keep buying fridge magnets for me? I can't stand them (the magnets, not the people).

At the very top live tea and coffee pots, jugs, empty jars. Next one down, noodles, rice and grains plus tins. In the middle tea, herbs, spices, spreads and for some reason onions. Bottom shelf, breakfast stuff, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, oils and vinegars, crackers etc. 

The jackfruit remains uneaten.


  1. It's looking lovely and tidy and has made me realise I need to clean my kitchen cupboards again. We have an annoying galley style kitchen so it's very narrow and I have a habit I putting thing in the lower cupboards without looking - a recipe for a good mess!
    How annoying to keep being gifted the Benedictine when you don't drink it. I'm not sure what the answer is to that one.
    I am in full agreement with the fridge magnets. They are a bit pointless if you ask me.
    I'm sure you have breathed new life into Turf Moor action since you drank the Vimto. I shall hold my breath. X 😊

    1. I know what you mean I have one lower cabinet that's not with all the others and it becomes a bit of a home for things with no home and it's always a mess.

      Another draw for The Clarets yesterday, edging towards safety!

  2. Wish I had a pantry. I am in awe!

  3. Everything is looking good. I don't have a pantry, but I did recently clear out the kitchen cupboards, give the shelves a wipe down and then tried to put things back in some sort of order.

    I don't have fridge magnets on my fridge, when I lived with my parents they had magnets and somehow one caused a huge scratch on the fridge door.

    1. Feels good to clear everything out now and again. I would be really annoyed to have a magnet scratch my door, not that the fridge is a thing of beauty, but still.

  4. My pantry needs a tidy too. I have 6 jars of mustard in a box which were all Christmas presents. I am working my way through 2 other jars, 1 Dijon, 1 wholegrain, using them in the occasional ham sandwich, smearing them on meats to roast, stirring into sticky sauce for sausages... But struggling to find enough uses. Any Ideas?

    1. I am not a huge fan of mustard but I have had it in mashed potatoes when we ate out once, that was quite nice, Dan eats it more than I do.

      I mainly use it for in the sauce when I make leek and butterbean crumble, I've used the same mixture (basically herby stock and mustard as I don't like cheese) to pour over sliced potatoes then cook them in the oven. The other thing is to make salad dressings, this is where most of our mustard goes. hth.

  5. donate the benedicts to the church jumble, they can use it as a prize for the raffle.

    We have all agreed not to do Christmas presents anymore. We all just bring a dish for our Christmas dinner and enter the stuffing competition. out of the 14 of us, there are now 6 vegetarians! My father has recently given meat up, not because he loves bunnies, but because he has developed gout. Now if I can get him to give up milk! He is 80 by the way.

    1. Good idea, thanks.

      We had fallen into a good routine regarding Christmas, until my brothers found girlfriends, they are both big fans of celebrating pretty much anything going, any excuse for cake a gifts is grabbed with both hands, so our routines were last seen flying out of the window somewhere. There is not a speck of glitter they don't like either!