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Menu Plan - May

I haven't written a menu plan for yonks but as May is going to be an expensive month, plus we're both off work for a fortnight I thought it would be a good idea. Whether or not this is what we actually eat remains to be seen! I've chosen lots of recipes from my Aine Carlin books, I also love the blog.

1. jollof rice
2. black bean chilli
3. vietnamese noodle bowl
4. l/o
5. thai green curry
6. soup & sandwich/ we're at the footie then I'm out with people from the shop so we'll probably nip to the chippy too *yay*
7. aduki bean casserole

8. fry up! (start of the holiday)
9. mujadara
10 roast tofu sandwich
11 lentil bol
12 sushi
13 pizza
14 l/o

15 bulgur w. roast veg & falafel
16 out*
17 out
18 enchiladas
19 l/o
20 chana masala
21 picnic

22 lentil stuffed peppers
23 moussaka
24 l/o
25 pad thai
26 quinoa tabbouleh w. roast mushrooms
27 tacos
28 l/o

29 smoky jambalaya
30 plaki 
31 mid-week stir fry. 

It'll probably get mixed up and altered but this gives me something to work with.

*I've added a couple of out days as I'm sure it will happen, I just don't know when


  1. many of these I want to try!! Roast tofu sandwich!!!!!x

  2. I made up May's monthly menu as well. Yours looks way more interesting than mine.

    God bless.

  3. It's such a good idea to have a plan for the month ahead. I can only usually manage up to a week. I get so fed up of trying to please everyone and decide what to eat. X

    1. I think I'm lucky in that there's only the two of us and Dan isn't fussy about food, unlike me, so it's simple to put a plan together.

  4. That's quite a variety of food items you've got here!
    Me, I'm trying to keep my weight normal, so I have a rather fixed menu with low-calorie items. This menu has to include, though, some animal protein (from egg, fish, lean meat, dairy) which helps burn fat and boost metabolism. And of course, veggies and fruit.It took me many years of trials and failures to come up with this menu.

    By the way I'm a great fan of falafel which I buy sometimes, at fast food stalls. The portion (pita and balls) is quite rich in calories, but occasionally I treat myself to a portion. There's almost nothing I gave up; it's all only a matter of moderation and priorities.

    1. It does take a while to find what works for you when it comes to managing weight, glad you've found the right combination, getting the right amount of protein is really important.

      I do like to prepare different things, when I was younger I had a really restricted diet and it can take me a long time to try something knew, or new combinations of things so I try to push myself and keep things interesting so I don't go backwards, as well as wanting to eat a good balanced diet.


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