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Away Days

it's our 16th anniversary soon, the proper one, the anniversary of when we met, not the wedding one. We generally treat ourselves to a nice day out somewhere, this year we went to Middlesbrough to watch Burnley.

It's very important to take a large picnic!

I'm the kind of girl that opens up the bottle of pop too early in the journey, we weren't even off the M6 before I ate my sandwich. We arrived in plenty of time for a trip to MIMA, which has soome great exhibitions at the moment as the gallery is celebrating the 10th anniversary. I was particularly happy to see a painting by Sonia Boyce on display, her artwork makes me very emotional. 

Bottle of Notes (1993) Claes Oldenburg
We walked in beautiful sunshine to the ground, past some old footballing favourites

and beautiful buildings

I soaked up a lot of sun, not an inch of shade to be had by kick off. We had a good old sing and I made some new friends!

It must have felt like a longer walk back to the car for the home fans than the away fans though.

Temenos (2010) Anish Kapoor & Cecil Balmond
A pretty perfect day. I suppose it was only right that when we got up this morning to find the kettle had stopped working, nothing lasts forever!


  1. A beautiful day and not a bad result. 😊
    I'm the same with picnics. Easily accessible, ready prepared food, there for the eating. I've often eaten lunch by 11am.
    Very best wishes on your anniversary. X

    1. Thank you.

      A point is better than no points., it was the best chance to get an away win, but that doesn't matter. We had a great day, in fact we ordered tickets for the Everton game next weekend while we were there!

  2. That sandwich looks scrumptious!

    Sorry the kettle stopped working.

    God bless.

    1. It was so delicious, although I did spill poppy seeds everywhere!

      Buying a new kettle is never a fun task but it's a much needed item so it couldn't wait.

  3. Was that a Billy Bragg lyric reference in your post? Love it. He's one of my favourite artists.

  4. What a lovely post. Middlesbrough gets such bad press and outsiders haven't the faintest idea how lovely it is here. There is huge investment planned and hopefully it will bring some much needed employment.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.

      We visit a few times a year to go to MIMA, it's clear how much regeneration work is taking place at the moment, things are changing. We walked through the college campus to get to the football ground, what a fantastic space that is too. I hope quality work arrives with all this investment and can stop the brain drain that often happens in places like this.

  5. Congrats on 16 years! it looks like a really good day out.


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