Sunday, 25 December 2016


Yesterday I stuck on the boxset of Chuck season 2 (hey, I've never claimed to be a cool kid) and got on with making Dan's big cushion. How it looks it how he wanted it, apparently it's ideal for propping yourself up when doing important Raspberry Pi business. 

It is been squidged into perfect shape already, after some serious wriggling.

He chose the fabric and the placement, I just brought it all together. 

I have a huge piece of this chevron (or as Dan pointed out "mountain path" fabric, an Abakhan bargain) it was the only fabric I had that was big enough to use as a single piece.

In one week the new season of Twin Peaks will be this year so hopefully now I've made things for everyone else and decorating the house I can make that for me and be somewhere close to finishing before the show does!


  1. That is a monster cushion! Like the zigzag fabric too ☺

  2. Cushion looks fab. When and what channel is Twin peaks on? TWIN PEAKS *squeal!*

    1. Thanks.

      I know, so exciting! The new series has been filmed and I think it's supposed to be shown around May. It will be on Showtime in the US so over here it will be on Sky Atlantic. I am so excited but sticking with "Welcome To Twin Peaks" for all my news as I don't want any spoilers!