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And Finally

My third and final report on our trip to see Lightpool 2016. After visiting the Ocean Hotel we strolled round the corner to see a couple more things at Sacred Heart church, which itself is Grade II* listed. 

Firstly the death of a clown

Goodbye Coco - Michael Trainor (2004)

Michael Trainor is (as far as I can remember) the art director of Left Coast which is an arts partnership, they work with different groups and organisations to bring art and creative projects to Blackpool and Wyre (I think).

The lights themselves are beautiful fairground lights, the coffin is made to fit the artist! 

Piece two is quite the contrast, and I think even if you have no interest in art whatsoever, then you won't be reading this, but if you are I would be very surprised if you'd never heard of this artist. There are not one but three pieces by Yoko Ono in Blackpool at the moment. Yoko Ono! Can you believe it? The other two are billboards on North Pier 

Parts of a Light House - Yoko Ono (1966)

from underneath
This work casts the most beautiful patterns of light onto the walls and ceiling of the church, right up into the domed roof. From a distance it is quite atmospheric. 

Finally, as I'm sure some have wandered off this walking tour and everyone else needs a cuppa, we can take a seat. 

The Stories Under Our Feet - Elisa Artesero (2015)

Dreaming in parallel

I pass you at night 

To see a how this looked in Manchester look here. These are so subtle, dozens of people walked past while we were here, others stopped to see what we were looking at and were surprised to see words on the pavement. I just love this idea, a striking way to use a space none of us ever really notice. 

So there we are, thank you for coming along with me and taking in a small amount of the art we saw on our walking tour. Don't worry, there was still plenty of time for the "proper" illuminations too!


  1. It looks amazing- I too would have loved the writing on the pavement.

    1. It's such a great event, I love how so many of the works are almost hidden in plain sight.

  2. Replies
    1. It's been fabulous, I can't praise the organisers highly enough.

  3. That Yoko Ono piece is awesome. I love how the colours and lights play.

    God bless.

    1. Everyone was just mesmerised by it.

      One thing I love about the illuminations in general (they're an annual event in the Autumn, first held in 1879) is that no matter how sophisticated we think we are we still love something as simple as lights!

  4. I would have loved to see Lightpool! I wish we had such a thing. I would have been very impressed by the Yoko Ono pieces, too!

    1. I think you would have liked it a lot. Blackpool, the town, is all about lights and having a more art slant to it this year has been fantastic, especially coupled with the live events.


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