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Lightpool 2

A few more of my favourite photographs from our art walk on Saturday evening.

Light Lessons - Emma Allen (2016)

These figures helped guide us through an underpass from north train station into town. Strangely, I found this to be the most sociable of all the art spaces, in a place we might normally avoid after dark. 
Brothers And Sisters - Ron Haselden (2007-ongoing)
This was probably my favourite of all the artworks, sited in a former hotel (to be turned into an "art b&b" at some point in the future). Each of these drawings of children have been translated into light, three of the figures here were drawn by local children. This was a very melancholy piece, just north of North Pier and where the hustle and bustle starts to fade and with an obscure sea view.

It also made me think about all the former hotels that are now houses of multiple occupation, and of the families living in B&B accommodation with no home of their own. I have no idea if this is the intention of this piece, but it's what it brought out in me. 

I think the fact we were peering through the windows when standing outside in the rain added to these emotions. 

Just across from this hotel on the prom was something a little more fun!

When The Red Rose In Blackpool - Steve Messam (2016)

A celebration of heritage and the red rose county! These promenade shelters are so beautiful, a number of them are Grade II listed, they're also still great at doing their job! 

Two postcards from Blackpool and no mention of the most famous thing in town? Better make amends

That's more than enough for one day, I'll wrap up tomorrow, with two works sharing a space but not much else, and somewhere to rest. 


  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the images of the art works, your response to them and your experience of the walk around in order to view them.

  2. Those lighted figures are beautiful, a bit eerie, but very striking.

    God bless.

    1. Children loved them! There was lots of interaction with them which made it fun. I can imagine anyone stumbling across them would get a bit of a shock - especially last night!


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