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Saturday Night/ Sunday Morning

We usually take a long time choosing somewhere to stay, this time we pressed the easy button and stayed at Waterloo Travelodge as it was easy walking distance from Tate Modern, where we were on Saturday afternoon, to the Southbank Centre where we were in the evening. 

I have to say I enjoyed our stay there, and brought a lot away about efficient use of space, I was a bit surprised that the towels came complete with RFID technology! The staff were very pleasant, the bed was really comfortable, we paid extra to have breakfast on Sunday morning, just to save us having to be either hungry or trudge around to find somewhere open early in the morning. We enjoyed fruit salad, toast (with sunflower spread) and Linda McCartney sausages, tomatoes, hash browns and baked beans from the cooked buffet, plus juice, tea and coffee, soya milk was available. Thumbs up. 

Skipping back to Saturday night, we started off at the food market at the Southbank Centre which at the weekend was an African pop up which formed part of the Africa Utopia festival. I had black eyed beans, jollof rice and fried plantain - delicious! Good job we'd fuelled ourselves as when we went inside to listen to some music we ended up learning the dance for a flashmob!

We then headed to the London Wonderground to the main focus of our evening Barbu. We do enjoy a circus, and saw La Soiree in the same location last year (having seen some of the same performers in La Clique in Blackpool a few years before). I probably shouldn't go too much into how disappointed I was by Barbu, suffice to say I wasn't drunk and don't really find the human penis to be hilarious so it wasn't really for me, although I know I am in the minority. Not to mention the (pointless) use of a live hamster in the act - totally unnecessary to use animals in this day and age, in my opinion. There are reviews here and here that pretty much sum up my feelings about it, although the live music was really enjoyable. 

Thankfully we saw the evening out in style when we headed back inside for some more Africa Utopia magic thanks to a great DJ and amazing crowd, chilled drinks and dancing saved the day! After a good old rest that night I opened the curtains to discover the rain had stopped and a new day had dawned. 

the view from our 8th floor room

Sunday was a busy day!


  1. Your meal looks lovely. I must ask did you take part in the flashmob?

    God bless.

    1. The food really was delicious.

      We kind of took part in the flashmob. The event had to move indoors as it was chucking it down with rain, but the organisers didn't want the young people to miss out on their performance. So we were given the chance to learn the dance and did it inside instead, it was more that a lot of us danced in one place then did a proper flashmob, it was great fun though.


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