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Level One Cosy

We went to a bbq yesterday to celebrate my niece's birthday Chris was in charge of the vegan cooking, Father was in charge of the meat, my Mum did the salads and yummy stuff, and my other brother brought the cake - which was amazing! I did come home with some freebies, but we were both so worn out when we got home we left them in the car, and its far too cosy inside and breezy outside to get a picture. 

We decided to go to level one cosy today (with plenty more levels to add as the weather gets colder), Dan made toasties *yay* with v-pud, red onion, mushrooms and chutney, very autumnal. I rescued my sofa quilt from the cupboard and we installed ourselves in the living room. An ideal way to unwind after a gig on Friday night and the party yesterday. 

I will get into the kitchen later to make some soup for tonight and to take in our flask tomorrow to our first evening game of the season - Burnley v Watford.  


  1. I want to know what v pud is. Enjoy the match. X

  2. V Pud is a veg-based version of black pudding. No blood, all yum!

  3. I have never tried V pud before sounds good. The temperatures are certainly evoking pictures of soups and stews definitely my kind of food.

    1. It's something a bit different, we buy it from the Lancashire Market that visits once a month. We enjoy it with lots of things, it's great with hotpot or crumble a well as a cooked breakfast.


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