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Hunt The Pic, With Mum

Yonks ago Mum set the challenge to Hunt The Pic, a great way to look back at our old photographs and reimagine them 

1. dream
2. possession
3. passion
4. wonder
5. source
6. tune or song
7. wink
8. comfort
9. thought
10. glance
11. spectacle
12. inspiration
13. sight
14. beauty
15. arrangement
16. grace
17. weakness
18. elegance
19. smell or aroma
20. happiness

Initially I didn't know where to begin with the list, so I read and re-read the words to find a way in.

The more I looked the more one thing came to mind. My photographs are from the breathtaking Coventry Cathedral, for anyone who doesn't know, Coventry was bombed in November 1940 and the medieval St Michael's Cathedral largely destroyed. After the war a competition was held to design the new building, Basil Spence was the architect, Ove Arup & Partners were the structural engineers. 

I could talk about this amazing building (is it one building, or two?) and the stories behind it all day (and I really mean all day) but I won't, I'll just leave the pictures here and let them explain why I chose them. 

taken from the tower of the old building, with the current building to the left with the green roof

St Michael and the Devil - Jacob Epstein

Baptistry Window - John Piper, and the Bethlehem Font

Tapestry of Christ in Glory - Graham Sutherland

Eagle Lectern - Elisabeth Frink (Flame of the Holy Spirit, background, also E. Frink)

High Altar Cross - Geoffrey Clarke

The words I chose from the list were happiness, elegance, weakness, grace, beauty, sight, inspiration, spectacle, thought, comfort, source, wonder, passion, dream and arrangement. 


  1. Oh wow! What a fantastic post which conveys so much and is such a different way to approach a photo hunt. Thank you so much for taking part.

    1. Thank you Mum. It is a place I'm very passionate about!

  2. Replies
    1. It is the most amazing place, built in the spirit of optimism and reconciliation.

  3. That sculpture is amazing. I'm presuming it was/is bronze?

    1. The statue is bronze and apparently weighs 4 tons.

  4. Wonderful pictures. I love the one with the stained class window behind the font. And that tapestry, I've seen that picture before but can't remember where.

    1. The window is just beautiful, almost overwhelming due to the size (81 feet high). The tapestry is fabulous, the first time we visited the tapestry was being cleaned so we couldn't see it. We went back later that year just to see it unveiled and it was worth the drive (and getting through the roadwork on the M6).

  5. Have just found your blog ... and Coventry Cathedral brings back so many wonderful memories: when I was at my girls' grammar school, on the day of the consecration of the cathedral, we were taken into the Hall to watch it on television and then, on our honeymoon near Stratford upon Avon, husband and I visited the still-new Coventry Cathedral - it still smelt of concrete! But we were overwhelmed with the wonderful modern building, it looked glorious with sunlight pouring through those brilliantly, coloured windows, making patterns of colour on the floor.
    Margaret P

    1. Hello Margaret, thanks for nipping in and for leaving a comment.

      My Mum still gets emotional talking about her school visit there and that was a wee while ago now. It is just such a remarkable place, thank you for sharing your memories.

    2. For our three day honeymoon - that was all we could afford! - we stayed at the Ettington Park Hotel. It was a rather nice country house hotel in those days (1964) but now is a much grander establishment, I think. But in the meantime it fell into disrepair and when we took our boys for a look-see on a holiday in Knole, West Midlands, in the early 1980s it was all fenced off with barbed wire and warnings to keep out. You might know this already, but part of the film The Haunting was shot there. When we drove up to our honeymoon hotel in the evening of our wedding day, I said to my new husband that I thought the place looked familiar - I was right, it was from the film! What a ghostly place to spend our honeymoon!
      Margaret P

    3. That's interesting, I don't know that area of the country very well at all but having had a look at the hotel I can see why it was chosen for a ghost film. What a beautiful, spooky place.

  6. I'm glad I came by! I love the Cathedral - one of my favourites. Our son's degree ceremony was held there quite a few years ago. At the time I wasn't into photography as much as I am now so I haven't many photos only several booklets including one about the meaning of the colours and themes in the nave windows. I would love to return. Hunt the Pic sounds good although I'm not very imaginative when it comes to abstract prompts.

    1. I'm glad you came by too!

      If you do visit the cathedral again I heartily recommend taking a tour, we paid for a special art tour (even though there were only two of us) and learned so much, but there are free tours throughout the day too, there is just so much to know, it's well worth it. The idea behind the nave windows is so beautiful and executed so well by the three artists, that's what makes it so amazing, everything is so thought out and there for a purpose.

      I know what you mean, it was such a challenge to find a way in to this treasure hunt but I'm really glad I did.


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