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Stuffed And Pulled

We have run out of a couple of other things we tend to use all the time. Dan always has dates with his muesli in the morning, we ran out over the weekend so he is alternating between adding a few raisins from the baking shelf, or some berries and mango from the freezer. 

Yesterday saw me rummaging around for something to eat, and I realised I couldn't ignore the green pepper in the fridge any longer.  I used this recipe from Minimalist Baker as the basis for our meal, I had to substitute peri peri sauce instead of salsa and used black eyed beans in place of black beans.

I blobbed a little bit of hot sauce on the side too. Verdict - delicious! I overdid it with the sweetcorn, but it was still fine. This is certainly one for the menu plan in future, a great storecupboard meal and very hearty but light, ideal rainy summer day food. Plus, there's enough left for my lunch today, hooray!

We need a couple of quick meals for the next two days as we're going to a couple of architecture talks. I've decided to cook the jackfruit in a treacley marinade we impulse bought from M&S, some cous cous salad our friend from Germany sent over and some pitta from the freezer. 

Should be enough for two days, if not I'll get my thinking cap on again tomorrow. 


  1. This is why learning to cook-not just follow recipes, is such a valuable skill. Being able to mix and try variations and substitutions makes a "bare"cupboard a bounty. Both meals sound top quality.

    1. Thank you. You make an excellent point about cooking rather than following a recipe, it really is fundamental.

  2. have just discovered how much I like jackfruit, will be interested to see what you think of the M&S marinade xxx

    1. I confess I struggle a bit with jackfruit, it's so meaty!

      The marinade had a nice flavour but was exceptionally sweet to my tastebuds. I would have liked something very savoury cutting through it, even just more of the cloves coming through. I will work on my own version though as Dan loves pulled jackfruit and liked the sticky coating very much. It worked well with the tabbouleh.


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