Friday, 22 July 2016

Looking After Myself In The Kitchen

We have been all over the pace with food this month. There's been no plan and on more than one occasion it's been cereal or grab and go from the fridge. Which is fine, and hasn't damaged the budget, but in the spirit of looking after myself I want to get my mealtimes back on track. Dan is a regular and pretty healthy eater, I am not. 

We did our final "big" shopping trip last night, so we're well stocked.

The fridge is full, there are quite a few bottles and jars to use up (I'm not quite sure why we ended up with so many) 

The pantry is packed, as usual

And there are a few treats too

Breakfasts will be smoothies for me and cereal for Dan
Houmous, pitta and salad for lunch
And for the evening, in no particular order - 

fry up (v-pud, scrambled tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, homemade baked beans and toast)
teriyaki roast tofu with noodles and veg
pad thai
dhal with flatbread, salad and rice
thai yellow curry
ful medames
lentil stuffed peppers
bbq pulled jackfruit
roast veg tart w salad and couscous
use-it-up bean, grain and veg bowl

aka the usual.


  1. Love the sound of your meal plan. I need to look up what a couple dishes are but the names are lovely. I must not have taken in that you are vegetarian. Would like a veg baked bean recipe that's not overly sweet.

    1. Thanks. We gave up meat over 10 years ago when we were paying off our debts and did it to save money, we then became "properly" vegetarian soon after and have been decreasing the amount of other animal products ever since. I ditched that last drop of milk from my early morning cup of tea last year.

      The beans (which I call baked beans but they're not baked) is a variation of the beans for Breakfast Burrito from the book Keep It Vegan by Aine Carlin -

      splash of oil
      a finely chopped onion
      a can of beans, drained and rinsed - I use butterbeans because we like them
      1 tsp cumin
      1 tsp stock powder
      1/2 tsp paprika
      big squeeze of tomato puree
      some water
      salt and pepper
      some chopped parsley if I have it.

      Cook the onion in the oil until soft, add the beans, coat in the stock powder, paprika and cumin, add the tomato puree and a small amount of water. Simmer for 10 minutes or more, adding more water if you like/need. Season and stir in the parsley.

    2. BBQ pulled jackfruit is a new one for me. Your meal plan sounds great. Enjoy. xx

    3. Thanks, jackfruit is interesting, it looks odd, but tastes fine, it took me a little bit of time to get used to the meaty texture though.

  2. Love the sound of your version of baked beans, I may give them a try.

    1. Hope you enjoy them if you give them a try.

  3. That fry up sounds lovely.

    1. It really was, not too unhealthy either (only a bit unhealthy!).

  4. I'm going to use that recipe as I've tins of butter beans in and got a bit fed up of having them with butter n black pepper as a veggie side dish instead of peas. I need to do a stock take n cupboard tidy this week as there's loads of things I need to use up.

    1. Hope you enjoy the recipe, it's easy to tweak to suit your taste.

      I love having a stock take and getting rid of all those things that have been hanging around.

  5. Thank you for the bean recipe. I wil give this a try.

  6. That recipe sounds great, thank you xxx