Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Squashed and Dried

Surprisingly we found ourselves without much veg at the start of this week. Enough salad, but not much in terms of proper veg, we just did a small milk and bunny veg shopping trip this weekend so weren't very sensible in our approach. I needed to do an emergency menu plan and some cooking as I didn't want to go to the shop. Luckily it was a bit chilly and damp yesterday which made things easier. 

I did have a few things to use up, the aduki beans from the Tinned Food Count and some squishy tomatoes that I roasted at the weekend. There was still one of the squash left from the other week which is a lifesaver. Then it was down to the dried foods to save the day - sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, chillies, and lentils.

Monday - aduki bean stew beans roast tomatoes, roast carrots, squash, dried mushrooms,  passata and spices, served with mash

Tuesday - pad thai with broccoli, carrots, pak choi (yes, we're stealing from the rabbits), peas, spring onions, dried mushrooms and roasted squash seeds

Wednesday - chilli tacos  carrots, onion, roast tomatoes, squash, red and speckled lentils, butterbeans, passata, sun dried tomatoes and spices

Wednesday - stuffed mushrooms with quinoa chestnut orzotto type thing mushrooms stuffed with herby breadcrumbs, orzotto made with quinoa, chestnuts, squash, roast carrots, miso  

Thursday - chilli tacos again *yum*

Friday - fava bean dhal with rice and socca

Saturday - burgers and potato skins with dips. 

There really will be no veg left by Saturday so we're off to Lancaster to see what the market has to offer. 


  1. I love reading your weekly menu plans, always gives me ideas for the rest of the month x

  2. Other then potatoes and some onion my veggies are gone as well. I will be buying some tomorrow.

    I can hardly wait until the garden starts producing something more then green onions.

    God bless.

    1. I think we will really have to get to grips with the veg garden, we are neither here nor there with it again this year (I say "again" last year was really the first time we grew anything). I will be grateful for anything we grow ourselves this year.