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Holiday Bed

our walk home from Lytham on Saturday

When I woke up this morning it really felt like I was on holiday. The room was warm, the bed was fresh and comfortable and I was so relaxed (even though I hadn't slept particularly well). 

That is pretty much where the holiday feeling ended. 

I came downstairs to discover Big Grey had been digging in the litter tray so the room was stinky to say the least.

We went out for brunch when we were in Liverpool and I had some amazing home made baked beans, so I wanted to make some myself. I tried the first batch last night, the sauce was ideal but the beans were cracky and not soft at all. Not to be put off, as I would have been in the past, I soaked more beans overnight and simmered them this morning ready to make another batch for brunch today. Same problem. So it has all gone into the bin, not impressed*.  

I have to spend the morning posting parcels, collecting parcels, buying birthday cards, trying to find decorative things to stick into a cake, not eating home made baked beans, and lots of other little things that take up time but have no real positive impact on anyone's life. And I have to return a book to the library

I saw this on the "new books" stand a few weeks ago and decided to give it a go. I confess I haven't read it all, but have soldiered through most of it. I understand the premise, I understand why it is as it is, but I just can't get on with it at all. If I wanted to hear about blokes** complaining about their boring lives I'd just talk to my mates, I don't need to read about it. I think book reviewer is another to add to my list of careers I'm not suited to

Hmm, looking at this whinge I'm starting to think maybe it's me that's in the wrong not everything else in the entire world. Who'd have thought! Time for another cup of tea and to restart the day. 

* I've soaked and cooked beans dozens of times with success so this is a new one. 
**or anyone else


  1. I made baked beans for the first time recently and they didn't turn out either. Like you, I have cooked other kinds of beans (kidney beans and chick peas) many times with no problems. With these ones, the beans just wouldn't soften - they were edible, but tasted a bit crisp - not what you want for beans! I did hear you should cook them fully before baking them and not rely on the oven to cook them further, but it didn't help. Later I heard that old, stored beans could be the problem. I am not sure where to shop to make sure I'm getting fresh ones! (Fresh dried beans is an oxymoron?)

    1. That's exactly how my beans were. I'd only bought them the week before and they were well within the best before date, but it does make me wonder if they'd been stored improperly at the shop. I know just what you mean about fresh dried beans!

  2. For some reason my baked beans are always a bit firmer than the ones I buy in a can. They do taste much better though.

    God bless.

    1. You're right, they are so delicious and really simple too, I can't believe I've never tried to make them before.

  3. Lets hope the day gets better as it started so well.

    1. Thank you It did, I had a great day :)


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