Monday, 4 April 2016


Good thing -The tiles are here, the roofer is here, the skip is here, we're all smiling and drinking tea.

Bad thing - The scaffolding is not right and the roofer refuses to go onto it, understandably. The boss of the scaffold company is tutting as we speak. They need to extend a platform over my neighbour's garage.

Good thing - My neighbour is very nice and Dan told her all about what we were doing at the weekend so I don't think there will be any bad feeling, I'll make sure she receives a bunch of flowers to say thank you. 

Good thing - I now have the day/packet of biscuits to myself with no banging. 

Bad thing - There will be banging and fewer biscuits for an extra day.

Good thing - I have new found inspiration for my stitching. 

Bad thing - We have a large gap in the darkest area of the garden.

Good thing - I didn't spend most of the money I received for my birthday so I treated myself to a mahonia.

Bad thing* - Dan was let loose in the healthfood shop.

Good thing - I ate a Vego, and have some new ingredients to try. Hodmedod products seem to be popping up everywhere so I'm looking forward to trying these broad beans.

*not really bad, it was quite fun


  1. Good thing: more good things than bad things
    Bad thing: rain forecast for the week

    1. I'm not even thinking about the weather *eeeeek*. Somehow I don't think this four day job is going to take only four days!

  2. I'm going to have to google some of those things in the last part of your blog!!
    We are having the house reroofed just need a few quotes! Not looking forward to it

    1. No, a new roof is not a fun way to spend money!

      Hodmedod is a brand, they sell dried and tinned beans and peas grown in the UK. Vego is a very delicious chocolate and hazelnut bar *yum*.

  3. whenever we have any type of workmen my husband insists on buying chocolate Hobnobs for them....that's if I don't bake fruitcake as that always seems to bring the best out of them.
    It's good to be on good terms with your neighbours.

    1. Yep, Dan selected Hobnobs too.

      the neighbours have all been fantastic, I feel very fortunate as it wouldn't have been the same outcome in our previous place.