Thursday, 28 April 2016

All About Food

I forgot to mention the other day that I did get a free delivery code for my new clothes as I remembered to sign up for their newsletter before I checked out!

I didn't do a menu plan for April but I'm going to do one for May to make sure nothing hangs around in the pantry for too long. We want to try try a few new things too, I have earmarked a couple of recipes and Dan wants to improve his sushi making, who am I to argue?

1. empty the fridge one pot
2. enchiladas
3. stirfry
4. sushi
5. tofu sandwich with curry fries
6. out
7. tofu scramble with baked beans (we ate some homemade baked beans recently and I really want to try it myself)
8. nut roast

9. l/o
10 out
11 ancho-lentil tacos
12 out
13 red thai curry
14 pizza 
15 veg tart and salads

16 smoky Moroccan chickpea stew
17 miso ramen
18 plaki w. salads
19 lentil coconut dhal w. roti
20 some kind of curry
21 island black bean burgers
22 empty the fridge one pot

23 pasta bake
24 stuffed peppers
25 pad thai
26 black chickpea pilaf
27 tandoori mushrooms w. sweetcorn fritters and dhal
28 out
29 roast
30 black bean chilli
31 l/o

Finished another book, Homeland by Cory Doctorow. I kind of enjoyed it, although I thought it was a bit long for what it was. I've added it to the list in the top tab should anyone want to keep up with what I'm reading. We're attending a free event this evening about the Brexit, should be interesting. Dan told one of his colleagues about it so we're meeting him beforehand for a chat and a cuppa (free at the event). 


  1. Very creative menu. Do you post recipes? The Moroccan chickpea stew is calling my name.

    1. thanks. I don't tend to post recipes, mainly because they're never mine and hardly anyone reads posts I do about food! I will always share a recipe if someone likes the sound of it though.

      The Moroccan Stew is from "Keep It Vegan" by Aine Carlin and is reproduced here (scroll down a little way)

  2. A lovely variety of meals. I really need to sit down and do a meal plan this evening. I do mine week by week as I'm not so good at planning so far ahead. The meeting sounds interesting. There is so much confusion in voting one way or the other. X

    1. Thank you. I'm working through a couple of cookbooks and trying to improve my cooking. I used to plan week by week, but it's easier for me to budget if I have an outline for the month. I do substitute and switch things around if I need to.

      I already know which way I'll be voting but I am interested to hear the arguments for and against.

  3. Please help me!!! I have a carton of silken tofu in the cupboard that is out of date by 8months Is it ok to eat it? And if so, how do I make your tofu scramble of please any suggestions for what to make with it please?Xx
    Your list sounds yummy!!!

    1. I don't think I can be any help really, I've never cooked with silken tofu, but I have eaten it a couple of times in a lovely chocolate tart made by Holly. As for eating it out of date, I'm not sure, we don't eat anything over the date as Dan has a compromised immune system and we don't like to take any risks, but best before means best before not use by so it might still be fine, the texture might be different though.

      In terms of the tofu scramble, I've never made that before either! I'm going to use firm, although you can make it with silken. I'm going to use another Aine Carlin recipe

      Sorry, not much help there was I?

  4. Your food plans always sound so good, can I move in please? Xxxx

  5. You have some lovely meals planned. I'm very impressed that you plan for a whole month in advance - it takes me long enough to decide on things for the week ahead. xx

    1. Thank you. I've been writing a menu plan for years, when I started the budget was tiny so I had to make sure everything was covered and we didn't run out of essentials like toothpaste, so the monthly menu plan was born.