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Nothing really to show for our savings this month, it was all about socking the rest of the cash away for the roof, a few coins went into the change jar though.

Along with the mango salsa, olive oil, tahini sauce and whatever-the-other-thing-was earlier in the month we have also used up the panko (in stuffed veg and burgers), the longest standing resident of the pantry - a small jar of chilli dipping sauce, which was delicious, the second bottle of basil oil, frozen soya beans, sachets of porridge, dried fruit we received as a Christmas gift, a bag of pearl barley, lasagne sheets *hooray* and maftoul.

Bargain of the week this week has been two cartons of milk, they were half price as the screw on lid was missing, they were just sealed by the plastic ring pull. 

Cooking has almost been enjoyable this month, in the main due to following a few recipes from Isa Does It. Last night I made Everyday Pad Thai, well, I made the sauce for this recipe, I just used up what I had so I used a mix of veg instead of broccoli, soya beans instead of tofu and toasted pumpkin seeds instead of peanuts. So not really the same, but the sauce was delicious and simple to make. What I really like about this book, lovers of cooking may not appreciate why this is a positive to me, Isa gives both the time to make the dish and also the "active time". That really helps to stop that "not on a weeknight" feeling. Athough there are lots of recipes using tempeh or seitan, which I have never used, and tofu, which I hardly ever use I get the feeling I will use this book frequently. The meals are varied and right up our street.

I've finished another four books this month, including two novels *wow*. One I read in a couple of days and loved, the other it seemed I'd been dipping into for about 30 years. I also started Stuffocation by James Wallman, but abandoned it after a short while, partly because it was a bit boggy to get through, mainly because I don't think "experiences" are necessarily less consumerist than "stuff". 

Dan has jumping in feet first too, he sorted the soil mound and former lawn so it's ready to go when we get some stones, he's been cycling to work, and has filled a drawer of the freezer with dough so we always have some fresh bread. At the minute we're almost exclusively eating pitta, they're so delicious! I've heard mention that pizza may make an appearance this weekend, I am more than happy with that. 


  1. I never thought of freezing the dough when I make bread. What a good idea.
    I had lasagne sheets that seemed to last for years. All gone now though.

    1. It works really well for us. Dan splits each batch into 8 pices and freezes them in a bag together, then when we defrost them we have the option of squidging it back together to make a loaf, or using the smaller pieces for buns, pitta, pizza or whatever.

      The lasagne sheets were from the basics range and cost about 30p, the box had who knows how many sheets. Well worth the money.

  2. That Pad Thai recipe looks yummy, I'll have to try that!

    1. It's really delicious, and simple to make. I am in love with her recipes at the minute.

  3. I have Isa's book but haven't cooked anything from it yet. Will now give it a go. I love tofu and when I left work last week they presented me with a tofu press amongst other goodies. Can't wait to use it xxx

    1. What a fantastic gift. I've never used one, I just have to balance a couple of cookbooks or a cast iron pan when I'm pressing. I'd love to know what you think of it.

      The book is great, I'm hoping to try another few recipes from it next month, if they're as successful as the dishes I've already tried I'll be very impressed.


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