Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Stuff In, Stuff(ing) Out

Dan hired a van. 

Yesterday I got the distinct impression that Father just didn't want to come up. I don't know if it's because we forced them to take the artwork or whether he's in pain but doesn't want to say. Either way, it's up to us to sort it out. We also still have the furniture we promised to Chris and Holly. I thought it would be really expensive to hire a van, but as we're just having it for the evening it's £20, someone is coming to collect Dan from work to take him to the depot/ showroom/ van hire centre/ I don't know what it's called.

Our use it up meal last night was based around a small amount of leftover sweet pepper stew - it was roast peppers, butternut squash, spinach, lentils and blay eyed beans in a sweet pepper sauce. To this I added some passata, a couple of mushrooms and pasta. It was topped off with some crumbs of tomato and basil flatbread, I bought these last week for my lunches but lots of them were broken, so I used them as a crunch topping instead. Annoyingly I accidentally deleted the photos. We served it with haggis. 

To avoid hunger and junk food temptation I've made some food in advance for us to have before we set off this afternoon. Of course there's cous cous with roast veg, chickpeas and lemon and thyme flavouring, the last serving of sweet potato soup from the freezer, and some pasties made with the leftover haggis and half a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry.

I know they're hardly a thing of great beauty, but Dan likes an open/ exploded pasty so that's how I make them. Of course this trend started when I wasn't very good at cooking and my pies tended to explode of their own accord!

There was still a bit of haggis left, so it has gone into the freezer, I think I'll use them to make rissoles or something at a later date.

Tastes better than it looks, I think that's what I should rename my recipe file.


  1. That van sounds v cheap!!! I.Like veggie haggis!!x

    1. The van hire worked really well, we dropped things off, picked things up and got back safely. Plus Dan told them that one of the door stuck a little bit and he was given a voucher for 15% off our next hire.

      It has taken me quite a lot to get over the haggis aspect of the veggie haggis, but now I love it and it's really versatile.