Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fridge Recovery

We didn't buy much for when Dan's friend came to visit, but we still had a few things left over. We are also trying to recover a slight hole in the budget so we are on grocery stretching duty again this week.

On Monday night we ate spicy rice using some frozen peas, sweetcorn and soybeans, wilting spring onions, a couple of squishy tomatoes, a flat mushroom and an ancient carrot. The spicy aspect came from some leftover salsa and a few chilli flakes. To top it off we had some falafel and some roasted sunflower seeds. 

It was a bit of a light meal for a chilly night so for pudding we used up some other things 

Bananas and custard with a few smashed up chocolate chip Hobnobs. 

Other than some pastes, ketchup, milks and bunny greens the fridge is pretty much empty and we'll be eating from the freezer and pantry until we really need to shop.   


  1. I love bananas and custard with a sprinkling of chocolate digestive.

  2. Your spicy rice sounds nice, I like using fridge bits up too xx

    1. It was nice, more filing that maybe it looked too. Next time I'll add a tin of beans to pad it out even more. It's a good way to use up fridge bits before we start having to have weird and wonderful concoctions.