Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Simple Plan

I doubt I'd win any awards as a garden planner*, but this is our basic idea for the garden. As we have plenty of established trees and shrubs we're going to leave them, the original owner of the house must have been a very keen gardener as this planting works really well, there's always something that looks good whether it something in flower or gorgeous bright berries, it works year round - or at least it will when we finish tidying it up. 

We have a very small budget for the project too, so I think most of the money will be spent on some paving stones and whatever gravel or chippings we choose to cover the ground. We already have a lot of alpines so we're going to relocate them from the right hand border and put them at the front of this new area and use the space freed up there for something else, and more shrubs to cover the space easily. We also plan to have things in pots, again we already have lavender and some potted herbs so moving them into this area might work. Then I think we'll have a couple of wild flower areas and that will probably be that. 

Thankfully we still have a huge pile of soil from when we dig something else up, I can't even remember what that was, so we can use that to even out the surface a bit to prepare it for what comes later. That's as far as we've got for now. It's not the most ambitious pan you'll ever see, but we want something simple but useful and attractive. I'm excited. 

*eta. Thanks to Marlene for pointing out I didn't include any mention of where the house is! The house is at the bottom of the picture, so out of the living room onto the patio then we have the veg patch then the rest of the garden. 


  1. I love a plan, you don't show where your house is, I take it your veg garden is at the bottom of the garden. You are lucky to have winter interest, our garden is bare at the coldest parts of the year.

  2. Thanks Marlene, where would I be without sensible types like yourself to point out what I've missed? The house is at the bottom of the picture (I was looking out of the window as I drew) so we have house - patio - veg patch - rest of the garden.

  3. I love how you marked shade and sun!! Great idea.

    God bless

    1. Thanks, the shade is very deep and the sun is very strong so it's a big distinction.