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I Have It, Use It

During my use it up period I've been making a note of everything we have and when we use it up. When I came to look at the breakfast cupboard there is a lot of money in there. When they were on special offer we bought a huge box of the individual packets of porridge, not the cheapest way to do it but they're convenient for Dan to take to work etc. We had a full box - 22 sachets, 22 breakfast times for me just hanging around. Yes, I only spent one pound odd on them but even so. 

Same with seeds, we have loads, we eat them every day but there are still lots of other things I can do with them. The last time I made soup I roasted the squash seeds and sprinkled them onto the soup. Well, we ate most of them while we waited for the soup, but even so. So the seeds can be our new weekend snack. I tend to use the oven on a Thursday or Friday so I can roast the seeds at the same time ready to ad to lunch or just to munch over the weekend so we're not tempted to sneak some crisps into the shopping basket. 

Flour. This is a big one for us, again it's only cheap but it tends to hang around forever. Dan is king of the raspberry bun so we're starting to have them occasionally - I had them instead of a birthday cake *yum*. To use up the plain flour we've been making flatbreads and things like that.  

We bought some toiletries not too long ago, then when Dan was sorting out his various drawers he found not one, but five bars of the soap we made last year! His drawers do smell nice though so at least they've been working hard in that regard. 

Stationery, people just keep giving me notebooks! Every birthday and Christmas I will receive at least one notebook. I am still using paper I had when I did my A-Levels in 1996. I may take some to the shop as we always need scrap paper for things, good idea. 

We still own quite a lot of books but we have slimmed them down a lot, same with clothes, there are some things I wear infrequently but I think I'm at the point where everything in the wardrobe is useful, other than two pairs of shoes I wish I wore more but it just doesn't seem practical. I almost certainly own more pyjamas than necessary but they all stay where they are, they're pretty much my favourite outfit!


  1. My husband took on the chore of cleaning out the food cupboards. Partially used cereal boxes and old vitamin and health supplements were the clutter problem. Now a fresh start. I'd love to come across 5 bars if handmade soap.

    1. It can be really surprising to discover exactly what is causing the clutter problem can't it.

      Finding the soap was a joy!

  2. Sounds like you are doing really well using things up. I love getting new notebooks, there is something about a blank page in a new book that suggests a fresh start! Xxx

    1. It has been quite fun, and of course I wonder to myself whenever we eat something why I've been letting it hang around rather than enjoying it sooner!

      You are so right about a new notebook.

  3. I'm a notebook collector too, unfortunately I can never make the decision which one to use and what to use it for. I've a lovely 'leather' covered one which I bought a few years ago in red but don't want to waste it on trivia. Remember the new term as school? Always neat writing in your books for a few pages! Decisions.

    I must admit to being unorganised with my cupboards, I have lots of stuff in there, I am trying to go through. Not so bad as my mother though as she tells me she has hardly anything in, she had 6 jars of jam, 4 tins of tapioca pudding as she can't eat rice, and lots of other things. I only buy a jar of jam when I've used mine up and don't buy puddings. I tend to have chick peas, beans and tinned tomatoes, to add to casseroles and make pizzas.

    1. Exactly!

      Funnily enough I read this in the book I'm reading

      "Whence the fascination, the vertigo induced by brand-new exercise books, on which nothing has yet been inscribed. So many possibilities lie in waiting, more numerous than can be dreamt of."


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