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Duvet Day

I love having a duvet day occasionally, sadly today is not one of them. Due to my terror of using the phone I've already had to go out into the wind and the rain, and the rain without the wind, to rearrange my haircut. I think I realised I'd procrastinated long enough when I received a facebook message from Jay telling me that my hairdresser had been into the charity shop looking for me.

It's a glum day today, the coffee table is full of things I've picked up and abandoned, not the end of the world, only a few minutes away from tidy. 

I was glum yesterday too, it all started when I went into the kitchen and saw a pile of washing up. I was not too chuffed, but it inspired me to do some cooking and get the steam cleaner out. Who'd have thought that doing something about the thing that was annoying me would make that thing go away?

After about eight months of thinking about it I moved the hay rack from the back to the front of the bunny pen. It's not really a hay rack, it's a hedgehog hanging basket. 

Today I am on the hunt for a jumper. We had a chat about the garden last night, and I would like to have a jumper to wear when I'm out there as I don't have one, my last one was shredded by the garden. Hopefully one of the charity shops will have a 99p rail with something suitable. I have braved the garage to get the propagator. 

The roofer is booked to start just after Easter. He's going to drop off a few samples, and he has a tile with a very similar look to the original. I fear for my onions as we need a large scaffold and the veg patch is right near the house. Would it be OK for me to move them? They've been in since before Christmas.

I have ironed Dan's work shirts. 

When I look at it that way, my glum days haven't been too bad after all. I'm still not looking to walking to the shop though!


  1. I hate the phone too.
    I'd leave the onions where they are and hope for the best.
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Some days are deemed to be suitable for duvet days aren't they! Not sure if I would move the onions it's a hard decision to make x

    1. They are. I think I'll just leave the onions and hope the poles miss them.

  3. The bunnies and hay are a constant source of irritation for me! Bob will eat it nicely from the hook up manger, but Belle has to pull it out, spread it out thinly then she'll poop on it and nobunny wants to eat it then. So we got a hay spinner and of course that is too much effort for them *rolls eyes*


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