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All The Junk

The drawer in the sideboard had silted up with junk, it's all pretty much Christmas related, ribbon and braid from the stockings I made for the shop, the rest of the junk is from Christmas presents. MIL bought me the notebook and the person shaped book light, the tin was a gift from my manager.  They had certainly been stashed and dashed. 



The log pencil case was a gift from Dan as I am a huge fan of the tv show Twin Peaks, so of course I love The Log Lady. It has come in very useful this morning. Then I moved on to the junk drawer proper.   


I received a calendar for Christmas so my chalkboard was relegated, even though it's probably more useful than the calendar, I'll have to find a place for it. In the junk drawer I discovered eleven pens/pencils, plus the sharpie I keep to label freezer cooking, they now live in the pencil case. 

There's not much left in the junk drawer, but I still notice that many of the items in there are things other people gave to me rather than things I obtained myself. 

I also noticed that the broken Christmas decoration from two years ago is still there, unglued...


  1. It's good to see that we all have the same problems concerning drawers and contents. I notice Martha Stewart dewdrop stickers and Post It stickers - are you a secret Filofaxer?! :)

    1. I'm not a secret filofaxer, I am a secret fan of Staples!

  2. I have so many miscellaneous items like this!!!

  3. I love the log pencil case!!

    God bless.


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