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Making The Most Of It

Making the most of it sums up my aims for the next year or so. It's an easy way to cover everything - time together, time alone, the house and garden, the things we own - books, craft things, other entertainment, people, the beach (I think we've been to our beach maybe three times together this year), money of course. 

Some of it is just a mindset, the rest is very practical, especially for me who does most of the house and garden stuff. So I'll be spending lots of time sorting things out at home, lots of digging and keeping things ship shape. Hand in hand with this will go quite a lot of learning too, I'm hoping to spend some time with my cookbooks and garden magazines over the Christmas period. 

In the spirit of making the most of things we're out and about quite a lot this week. We have an unexpected night out tonight with some friends who live overseas but are nearby for a couple of days this week. Of course their chosen date to meet was tomorrow, when we're already out with our mates who are up from London. Luckily we were all able to jiggle to make it work. 

I will also be using things up rather than constantly replacing things. To get us started we're on a use it up menu plan for January. There's nothing all that different to the usual stuff, we might end up having the odd handful of this and that thrown into recipes - that's where stuffed veg works well! The frozen meals I made this month make an early appearance too an easy start to the year!

1. clear the fridge one-pot
2. soup (frz) and sandwich (frz falafel)
3. dhal (frz)

4. chilli (frz)
5. aduki bean stew
6. soup and toasties
7. lasagne
8. chips!!!
9. out
10 pizza

11 nasi goreng w. ginger tofu
12 stirfry w. l/o tofu
13 paprika chickpea stew
14 lentil and rice pilaf
15 peppers stuffed with beans
16 soup and sandwich
17 nut roast

18 leek & butterbean crumble
19 dhal
20 shepherdess pie
21 l/o
22 curried stuffed mushrooms
23 thai-style noodles w. sweetcorn fritters
24 stuffed squash

25 plaki
26 lentil pie (frz pastry)
27 chestnut cobbler
28 l/o
29 curry
30 tacos
31 tacos


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