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Laying On A Spread

I have never done a buffet before, but as we are having guests on Thursday and Friday night I thought I would give it a go. I've been informed that a cake is being baked for the occasion so I don't have to provide that *phew*. Other than some salad the buffet will be created purely from things we have in already.

Our buffet will consist of - 

mushroom pate
puy lentil pasties 
nut roast rolls (like a sausage roll, only with nut roast)
chinese-style snacks
spiced fruit and nut mix
assorted nuts
veg couscous 
potato skins 
garlic bread
crackers (chilli, and cracked pepper)
dips - tahini, chilli and lime, mango, thai-style sweet chilli

We went to Sainsbury's yesterday as I was desperate to get out of the house for a bit and really wanted some salad. I am so glad we have the frozen roast veg and the batch cooking but I was craving something fresh.

We used a gift card Dan had received from work so we didn't spend much out of pocket, but we received till spit vouchers for £5.50, a combination of price matching and a regular voucher. We were planning to shop next week anyway so will go on Monday so we can take advantage of the offer before it expires. I will be planning carefully, we do need rabbit litter and a couple of other big things and I want a couple of bathmats so we should be able to get to the £30 minimum spend to use our big voucher. I'm hoping to get as close to £30 though as there's no point in spending for the sake of it.


  1. It's a shame the Sainsburys vouchers have such short dates on them.....we don't always want to shop in the same shop every week! Which of course is exactly what they want you to do, hence the short date.

    1. I agree, we don't generally shop there and weren't going to next time but the vouchers make it worthwhile. If the things we need don't add up to £30 we'll use the price match voucher (valid until mid January) at some point and forget about the other one.

  2. I wish the dates weren't so short too!!! Would be nice to be able to use them later on. Your buffet sounds delicious!! You'd have liked our boxing day vegetarian buffet, I think everything was cooked from scratch and vegan except for the Indian mint and coriander dip!

    1. That sounds like a fab buffet.

      We don't take advantage of most of the vouchers we get, the minimum spend is just too high. But on this occasion where we need a few more expensive things hopefully it will work out.

  3. Sains vouchers annoy me with their short dates too. Your buffet sounds good

    1. Thanks.

      I understand why the dates are short, to keep us going back but to use them every week I'd have to have a bigger budget!

  4. The mushroom pate sounds amazing. I don't think you want much more for a buffet - you'll just end up with waste!

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Dan loves pate so I hope this one is nice. I am prepared to eat buffet food for the next few days if it doesn't all disappear on the night!

  5. Buffet sounds delicious

    1. Thanks, it didn't quite work out as anticipated, but we'll get through it eventually!

  6. Your buffet is going to me just perfect. You have a wonderful New Years celebration with your guests.

    God bless.

  7. We never use those Sainsbury till vouchers and didn't even use an £8 Waitrose one as it would have been spending an allotted amount for the sake of it and we haven't needed to shop properly since December 18th! Just odd bits here and there.

    I hope you had a great Christmas and your buffet sounded lovely x

    1. I'm not convinced we will get to the £30 minimum even with the bulk buying of non-food stuff as we just don't need any food.


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