Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Snakes and Ladders

Has anyone played Snakes and Ladders recently? Dan and I played last night, wow, it was hard, those snakes were unforgiving. Dan's mum asked me to look at the charity shop for Monopoly and Scrabble for her to try to play with her mum. She thought maybe she would recognise the pieces and even if they couldn't play it might stimulate some conversation about something or other. I thought we had both in the drawer under the small bed, and indeed we do, there was also a compendium of games, I assume that must have been part of the pile of stuff MIL had given to me to take to the shop. 

So we decided to have a game, and it was lots of fun. We're keeping it handy as it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the wet and windy, we don't want to get stuck in a routine o just looking at various screens. Luckily we're both fairly good losers so it doesn't cause any marital discord. 

Today is the day the area manager, she of no more free tea fame visits the shop. We shall see what happens. 

I have also done the menu plan for December. I found it quite hard. We have our Christmas lunch in the pantry now. We went to Preston on Saturday for one final look at Art From Elsewhere and decided to look for any health food shops or other interesting places. We found one really good shop - I bought no healthy food I can assure you, but I was happy to buy a bottle of my usual shampoo in the bargain bin (due to it being the old packaging) for almost half price, Dan picked up a body wash. Good timing. Anyway we bought a cranberry and nut roast, we're have other things from this brand before so I'm hopefully it will be just as nice. Even if it's not there will be mashed potatoes so that will make up for any disappointment!

I'm also trying a couple of new recipes, one is a lentil and rice pilaf with onions we had when we were in London the other week. A couple of other things are from my two newest books, Keep It Vegan came from The Book People, the other, Vegan Street Food, was gift from Dan. Apparently the street food book was written by a Masterchef contestant, I don't watch it so I wouldn't know, the food is up our street though. I'm hoping to slightly lower the grocery budget in December as we have a lot of our festive food already and we'll be out quite a bit, plus we won't be shopping between Christmas and around 3rd January so everything needs to stretch. It should be fun.   


  1. We have been collecting games from the carboot sales as we thought it would make a nice change from the tv all the time, its great fun.

    1. Dan is already talking about playing again at the weekend. We've had quite a few people at the shop looking for traditional games too which is really nice.