Thursday, 26 November 2015

Shop Update and December Menu Plan

As I mentioned the big boss was coming to the shop yesterday and we were going to offer our views about the tea situation. I read the volunteers handbook and ran my arguments past the managers to check I was right, they said I was. Then the boss turned up. She walked through the shop and into the back room, the door closed and that was that. My colleague took a donation through so the manager introduced her - 

Manager : I'd like you to meet our longest standing volunteer.
Boss : Oh, and for how long exactly have you been standing?

Then the boss took the manager and deputy out for coffee, as they were leaving she said "come on girls, this one is coming out of my pocket". 

They came back after about 90 minutes, a bit more chat in the back room, then she left. She didn't say hello, goodbye, kiss my whatever or anything. I was again furious. To not even introduce yourself just tells me what little respect she has for volunteers. Then the manager said to me "I thought you were going to tell her what's what" to which I explained that I'm not rude (well, I am a bit) there's no way I'm going to burst into a meeting ranting and raving. My opinions were not sought so I would have been shouting into the wind anyway. At least now we know where we stand and I will spend no more time or emotion on the shop side of the organisation. I'll raise money in the shop to the best of my ability, but that's it. 

Onto the more fun part of the post, food. The plan goes right though New Year into the very start of January

1. jambalaya
2. out
3. stirfry
4. lasagne
5. out
6. soup and sandwich

7. orzotto
8. smoky chickpea stew
9. pasta bake
10 l/o
11 curry of some kind
12 bean burgers
13 out

14 lentil stuffed something (peppers/squash/mushrooms)
15 out
16 vegetable and lentil pie
17 sweet and sour tofu
18 l/o
19 nasi goreng
20 chilli

21 shepherdess pie
22 l/o
23 spaghetti
24 orzotto w. v-pud
25 all of the things
26 out
27 gado gado

28 leek and butterbean crumble
29 stirfry
30 lentil and rice pilaf
31 out
1. clear the fridge one pot
2. soup and sandwich
3. dhal


  1. Well that was just damn rude,that would have got my back right up.

    Wow what a meal plan you are so organised x

    1. It did get my back up, maybe more than it should have done but as ever it impacts those most who are least likely to feel able to say something about it.

      We've been doing a menu plan for a really long time, as with most things it started from necessity and now I just like it because I don't have to think about what we're going to eat once the plan is written.

  2. How very disappointing that she was so rude. I think it's inexcusable and like you say does seem to suggest a lack of appreciation of volunteers. I would be very upset too. Could you perhaps put your feelings in writing?

    1. I did think about writing to her/ the powers that be, but then I thought it's obvious that she has no interest in our views so I would just be wasting my time. According to our manager the grand overlord of the shops doesn't even care about the views of manager let alone lowly vols!

      I have made the decision to just let it go. I won't forget and it has changed my view of those in charge, but I will just remember my reason for being there and leave it at that.

  3. How maddening that the boss could not even speak to the volunteers. How on earth would the shop exist if not for people who volunteer their time and talents? People like that do get to me as they have no empathy for those working.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie.

      I think you raise a very good point, I don't think she considers that we have talents, I think she just sees us as till widgets with little other input.

  4. Are there no volunteer meetings or meet ups where you can air your views? Your boss possibly has no idea how to treat staff, make them valued and utilise their expertise.

    1. That's a very good idea Mum. I'd have to take the train to get there to make my point about false economy, I would then be able to reclaim my travel expenses.

      We do have a representative from the shop who attends these meetings, but by their own admission they never speak and they mainly go because "a good spread" is laid on.

  5. Some people have no respect for others, we all have people who work for us, and we should embrace what they do, without them we could not continue.

    1. Thanks. I think the old adage about being nice to people on the way up because you'll meet them on the way down is probably appropriate here.

  6. How rude of her! There really are some people who deserve whatever karma they have coming! Good for you for continuing to support the charity, and shame on the manager for not standing up for the volunteers.

    1. Thank you. Walking away is the easy thing to do. Remembering my reasons for supporting the charity and doing what I can to help is important to me now. I know where I stand and will act accordingly.

  7. That is despicable behaviour. As a former manager of a number of charity shops I am lucky to have worked under a variety of area and regional manager who ALL made it their first priority to say hello and chat to the volunteers on the shop floor before coming up to see me behind the scenes.

    When on the shop floor we would always bring the volunteers into any conversation we were having if an opinion on what we were planning was needed, and break times were spent IN the shop with volunteers taking it in turns to come off the shop floor for coffee and a chat with us. I would not have stood for rudeness to any of my volunteers by ANYONE.

    I think it is lovely that you are still giving of your time to the charity concerned, they are lucky to have you, as many people in those circumstances would have walked out on the spot never to return.

    1. Thank you, it sounds like you were a great manager.

      It doesn't take much to make people feel valued and this person has failed on all levels in my opinion. My manager feels in a tough position, she did speak up for us but I think she got the impression that things like that are beneath this woman to even think about.

      This week when I went in there were lots of biscuits, fondant fancies and chocolate fingers, so we were all well fed.