Monday, 2 November 2015

November Menu Plan

I finally got round to using some of the smoked freekeh, it had been hanging around in the pantry for ages and I kept overlooking it for some reason. I did take photos of what I made but we were very much in a tastes better than it looks situation - imagine a deconstructed haggis. It was onion, chestnuts, mushrooms, pearl barley and smoked freekeh cooked in stock flavoured with sage, paprika, dulce and so sauce. It was amazing and is certainly on the list with our other favourite one pots. 

It was good to have something so comforting after wrestling with my pink quilt. I bought some new binding, far better for me than the other stuff, but I am just not having fun with it. I don't know why I'm having such difficulty with it but it's just not coming together. It is no longer enjoyable and I just want it to be done even if it looks terrible, just so I don't have to think about it anymore. 

Here is the menu plan for November, it involves a lot of leftovers.

1. freekeh w. chestnuts
2. chilli w. sweet potato fries
3. chilli w. rice
4. leek and mushroom pie
5. l/o
6. chickpea curry
7. out

8. soup and sandwich
9. stuffed squash
10 jambalaya
11 hot pot
12 lentil bol
13 some kind of curry
14 pulled jackfruit (still haven't tried it!)

15 pasta bake
16 plaki
17 tacos
18 l/o
19 pearl barley broth
20 stuffed mushrooms w. bombay potatoes
21 soup and sandwich

22 roast
23 shepherdess pie
24 l/o
25 roast tofu
26 winter stirfry
27 curry
28 bean burger

29 chestnut cobbler
30 out

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