Monday, 23 November 2015

Fun With Fleece

I'm really not feeling in the mood for making things, I can't ever imagine picking up my quilts ever again. It's a weird thing but I suppose I can't be the only one. Anyway, the manager was describing our festive window and it's a Victorian theme, so I offered to make a Christmas stocking to decorate the fireplace. 

In the end we negotiated eight stockings, two "proper" ones and six "just for show". I don't know what her thoughts are so it will be an interesting surprise when I see it for the first time. 

 I couldn't bring myself to make them identical. They're a bit rough and ready, but the manager said she just wanted something basic, they didn't need to be too neat or anything. It's so hard to do that!

These were supposed to be plain, but I couldn't resist adding the ribbon. These were harder than the others, I had to be neat from the start - not my usual style.