Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bits And Bobs

We were so busy the weekend that we decided not to go out for a meal, we'd just pick something up as and when we wanted something. It worked out well as there was a food market outside the Royal Festival Hall and there was plenty to choose from.

On Saturday night before we went to La Soiree we tried some Indian food, on Sunday we ended up back there, mainly to take photographs, and had some Lebanese food. This was a particular hit and now I have a new recipe to try, mdardara lentils and rice with onions. It was so nice and it looks like a great pantry meal, nice and cheap to make, I'll put it on the menu plan next month. 

We did make time for a detour or two, after wandering off to look at a ghost sign on Saturday we stumbled upon Finsbury Health Centre. After spotting something from the train we went on another detour on Sunday to have a look at Balfron Tower which made us very happy indeed. 

We also made time to go on a boat. Dan and I have never been on a boat together, and considering we live near lots of water it seemed a bit daft. It was probably the highlight of the weekend. It was either that or the little girl on the train who sang Agadoo for a good 10 minutes!

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