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I Need A Lie Down

We had a great weekend, not doing much, but it was still great.

My brother and his family came to visit on Saturday before they went to see the illuminations, it was interesting. It was the first time we'd seen them without my parents being around so it felt different. I mainly talked to my brother (which is weird in itself) and his girlfriend and spent time with the younger children. Dan spent time with the older two, who were very unhappy as they had been told to leave their tablets at home. One of them thought our house was very boring and told us so, the other was confused by it, here are some sample questions

Dan, why do you have a thingy full of toy cars, are you going to sell them on Ebay?

Dan, why is that clock that shape? 

Dan, what's this black thing made of and what is it for?

Dan, why does that thing look like that?

Dan, if it's a vase, what are you going to put in it?

Dan, do any of your books have pictures of people in?

And so on. Holding a four month old was simple by comparison.

Still, we got one thing out of the way, I mentioned that we only wanted to buy gifts for the children for Christmas and it was agreed that it was a good idea. The children want to buy us something (I think they actually want to buy Dan something but I have to have something too) but that's as far as it's going. What a relief. 

It was so quiet when they left!


  1. I love spending time with my grands but find the constant noise so tiring, I can happily run around the park or garden playing but a few wet weather hours in the house sends me whimpering to my bed.

    1. I don't know how my parents look after a toddler two days a week!

  2. We love to have visitors, but also love the peace when they have gone.

    1. It made me realise how quiet our home usually is.


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