Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Done, Not Perfect

When my house was a tip, other than fear, the thing that held me back was perfectionism "when I have x then I'll be able to get organised" "when y situation is in place then it will be easy to be organised" etc. Letting go of that meant I could let go of my junk. 

This week has been like that. For years and years I've been looking for the perfect situation, feeling, time or whatever to start exercising again. I've lifted weights occasionally, I've been on the bike occasionally, I've done an exercise dvd occasionally, the latter went very well until I got a cold then couldn't do it, but did I start again when I was better? Of course not.

For the past few days my lower back has been giving me a bit of pain, have I been doing my stretches? Again, no. So I looked for some very simple yoga videos, and they have really helped. I know there are people out there gasping and thinking I must learn how to do these things properly, well that's what was holding me back. I just did it, maybe not perfectly, but it's done and I feel better for it.

In a similar vein Dan made a cake. He was given some pears and decided to make a cake with them. He just chucked loads of stuff in then put it in the oven. It tastes way too healthy to be a cake, looks a bit brown, but it tastes like a giant pear and cinnamon scone and is delicious with a cup of tea. He just did it and it was all fine.

We decided to watch one of the charity shop dvds we bought for Dan's mum instead of watching the football last night, the one we chose had an IMDB rating of 4.9. It wasn't great, but we enjoyed it and I'm sure it was preferable to watching England. I certainly got 75p worth of entertainment from it, I think Dan did too.


  1. That feeling has held me back in the past, I wonder if its more typical in women? Anyway, with age has come the realisation that perfect is rarely, if ever, going to happen, and a slightly wonky "something" that I have made is better than not trying at all. So good luck in future endeavours, and well done in getting some exercise done that has made you feel better.

    1. It is a theme that I see cropping up from time to time, maybe it is a common trait. Thank your for your kind words :-)