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Do Instead Of Buy

We started the day in mild panic, we'd forgotten to put the bin out, and it was very full. So Dan legged it down the road after the bin lorry, they were very nice and emptied it for us. 

I then ventured into the garage to dig out an old but still hanging in there tub of tile adhesive and grout, Dan "now understands" what I mean about the wobbly tiles as he nearly knocked them off the wall this morning. So he has declared that to be his job for the weekend. 

When I said I wanted/needed some clothes what I really meant was I need to do some ironing. I found a basket in the spare room and ended up with a cardi, two dresses and three tops that had been missing from my wardrobe. Considering I only own about six tops you'd think I'd have noticed sooner. 

After a pretty successful cooking week this week I am going to attempt to make celeriac soup today. I don't know if I've ever discussed by inability to make nice soup before, but it's not a strong point, I feel that celeriac soup might be within my capabilities - onion, celeriac, potato, stock, even I can't go wrong with that can I?


  1. I've done the same bin thing on a Friday morning in the past. I can't stand to have the rubbish waiting there for another week. The celeriac soup sounds good. Good luck with it.

    1. We have fortnightly bin collections so we'd have a full bin for two weeks before the next collection!

      The soup was, at best, broadly feasible.


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