Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Budget Round Up Mid October

There is nothing to report. 

Dan has taken three bags of coins to the bank today £1 of 1p, £1 of 2p and £5 of 5p. An extra £7 into savings, totally pain free. We're close to £10 in 20p too, I think we have saved a tenner many times over but we have used lots of the coins for parking and other small spends. 

The main budget is virtually gone, we have paid for the last few things we can buy ahead for our London trip. Food budget is going well, there's plenty of money to get us to the end of the month and we have lots of food already. I made a really nice lentil bol type thing on Monday using onions we grew, plus garlic, tomatoes and peppers grown by Father, it was very exciting to cook something using so much homegrown stuff. The best thing about the onions is that they have such a strong flavour so I don't have to use too much at all.

We did receive a freebie yesterday but didn't take advantage of it as Dan was worn out after work. We were given tickets to a show in Blackpool - yes, I had the chance to see the one and only David Hasselhoff! The early night did Dan lots of good I think. He fell asleep virtually as his head hit the pillow. 

My good deed for the week was to take a bottle of milk to the shop, my mum has milk in her tea so we had to buy some milk, I didn't want the rest to go to waste, milk will never be wasted there, we love our kettle. I also spent my shift yesterday cleaning the shop, something that needs to be done but no-one else really wants to do. We have the details for our Christmas night out too, it's in the town so no travel costs and it's a buffet which is only costing a fiver, bargain. 

I keep thinking I want/need some clothes, but then I find myself with something to wear every day so I can't need things all that much. I'll soldier on for now.

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