Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Sweet Suprise

When we went to Southport a couple of weeks ago we treated ourselves to some chocolate from the health food shop. When we got it home it was a bit powdery instead of lovely smooth Plamil. Dan tweeted them, not necessarily to complain as such, we still ate the bar, more just to say that maybe it had been stored at too cool a temperature. 

The owner was exceptionally nice and offered to replace the bar, checked our dietary choice and that was that. Today, as you can see from the photo, not one but four bars plopped through the letterbox. We were amazed at the replacements. I love love love conscious chocolate and these were all flavours I've not yet tried. 

Amazing service from a lovely lady at a great little shop.


  1. Well that is exceptional customer service.

    1. It really is, above and beyond any expectations.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes indeed, I'm happy to report we come across plenty of them. They motivate me to be better when I'm at the charity shop too.