Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Working Through Stuff

Having been through a period of what Dan refers to as "low mood" I am re-reading The Desire MapI spoke about it ages ago, some of my "core desired feelings" have really stuck with me, but a few other things have fallen to one side for one reason or another. Although it is at odds with what I'm going to say after this, I spent the last pound in my desire map money purse on some of these sticky page markers to help me as I work through the book again. I've seen these before at a local shop for about £3, but £1 seemed far more my price range. 

Dan has mentioned replacing the kitchen a couple of times recently, which means the next round of saving is upon us. So I have £10 a week for the next couple of weeks for groceries to kick start the savings - it kind of seems appropriate. I have the menu plan for the month which was based around things we already have in so it should be fairly straightforward. I'm not sure where the bulk of the money will come from for the kitchen but we'll work that out at a later date. We tend to find it easier to save money during the colder months of the year as we're not out gadding as much as when the days are long and there's lots to do. Despite saying I was never going to do it again, quilting is back so I have something else to occupy my time and my brain to stop it wandering where it will go. There's a lot to work through and some potentially great results. 


  1. Love the stickers. Your plans sound exciting and well thought out.

    1. They're cute aren't they. We shall see what comes to throw a spanner in the works of our plans but I'm sure everything will work out one way or another.