Monday, 21 September 2015

We Want Cake

If I like doing something, I generally don't like watching it - so I like playing tennis but don't enjoy watching it, I love watching football, but am not a team player. I like sewing (sometimes) but don't like Sewing Bee, I never bake but have grown to love Bake Off. 

And baking is the theme of today.

Dan is having a cake based fund raiser for a charity at work. He's in two minds about it, his mum and step dad had a negative experience with this charity and we all pulled our unimpressed faces, but it's one of those things where everyone in the office is doing it etc. It's not that he disagrees with the idea or practice of the charity necessarily, if he did it would make things far easier.

We are having a charity bake off at the shop too, it's an idea from Head Office, and I'm not sure how it's going to work - would you eat a cake that's been baked who knows where and been hanging around in a charity shop all day? I know I wouldn't, I don't even eat a biscuit from the tin, it's straight from the packet or nothing for me - I've seen what's in those donation bags. 

I haven't baked a cake in living memory, and I certainly have never baked a cake without eggs or dairy, as I would be doing now. So I have to decide whether to do it or not. On the one hand I'm not bothered about doing it at all, baking isn't something I do and telling someone something is vegan appears to be the same as telling someone you've had a wee on it, on the other hand I want to make one and for it to be delightful. I realise me making a cake and it being delightful do not go hand in hand. 

I'm not making flapjacks, it's the sweet version of penne arrabiata - yes it fulfills the brief but it's not very exciting and is the dairy free default. WE WANT CAKE!


  1. All the fairy cakes/cup cakes I make are vegan. I never tell anyone this is so and they are not only none the wiser but always rave about them which amuses me, as like you say, if they knew, they wouldn't touch x

    1. I would happily just plonk a cake down and leave it at that, but people know I don't eat meat (a song and dance is made about it every time someone makes a cup of tea) so there is no way it wouldn't be a massive, and very dull, topic of conversation.

  2. I'm surprised that Head Office have OKed a bake off. Do they have a Health and Safety Policy? I'd be very wary of eating cake if I didn't know how it was cooked and what was in it. If you really want to make a cake make, make on. If you don't then either buy a shop bought one or just pass on the invitation.

    1. You know as much as I do Mum!

      I am genuinely torn over it, on the one hand it would just be easier and cheaper to not make a cake. But on the other hand I could have a piece of cake with my cuppa on that day and I would avoid the inevitable "oh, you can't eat cake can you" comments that I get every single flipping week from my colleague.