Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Last month as you may or may not know, we were under a boil water notice due to a parasite finding its way into our water system, this lasted for around 4 weeks, a little longer for some people.

This morning something appeared on my phone suggesting that I donate the refund cheque that came from the water company to the charity Water Aid. I started to read the page set up for donations, and the idea is to donate a percentage of the refund amount, all seemed sensible and an easy way for people to make a good one off donation, until I read something that set my teeth on edge. 

I've written about this sentiment before so I apologise for repeating myself but it really gets on my pip 

During this period i was at work boiling water for a coffee when I over heard someone saying this "water crisis is a bloody nightmare". I had to interject with "when your children have to walk 20 miles to get a cup of water that the uk wouldn't deem fit to wash in then you can call this a nightmare".

No it wasn't the end of the world, no-one said it was, describing something in life that's not that great is widely spoken of as being "a nightmare" it's not a melodramatic term most of the time. It was something that was a bit annoying but the whole someone has it worse than you so shut it approach that seems so popular at the minute is just too much in my opinion. We need to talk, it's good to have a whinge sometimes and it's never good to bottle things up (in an emotional not a water sense). So putting this message out that we should be very worthy and have the attitude of gratitude or remain silent about things makes me a bit cross.

Yes, we really should be grateful for what we have, and the water situation has really made me think about how I use/waste resources and it's a very good thing to be reminded about how fortunate we are about all manner of things. But I, and everyone else, should be encouraged to air their minor annoyances - and not wait until Festivus, it's good for us and doesn't have to mean we think we're the centre of the universe. It also doesn't mean we're not doing something about the thing that's annoying us at that time, sometimes we just need to get it out there for no other reason than it makes us feel a bit better. 

Feeling one thing doesn't stop someone from also feeling another thing, being in favour of one thing doesn't mean I am against something else, I can hold two positions at the same time. It's fine. 


  1. I understand where you're coming from, I think. And I would imagine it WAS a nightmare having to boil all your water - because it's something we're not used to doing. If it makes you empathise with those who are worse off than yourself, and want to help them (in an "I'm grateful that I don't have to do this every day of my life" kind of way ) then so much the better. But we do need to talk about our problems and vent frustrations. I dislike the phrase "first world problems" because it belittles the fact that these things are problems for us. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate how lucky/blessed we are to live where we do.

    1. Yes, "first world problems" arrrrrrrgh!

      I agree with you.