Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tenner Week

With all the generosity swishing around I forgot to mention the two plants I received, again from Father's friend. A hellebore and something else! I know at some point we'll probably need to take all the plants out and arrange them in a more sensible fashion, but everything is just in for now.

This week I'm also doing the Tenner Week on Penny Golightly's blog, I only have a fiver but I don't have much to buy so it should be straightforward, I've jiggled the menu plan so now it reads - 

Monday (yesterday) - roast nut roast and stuffing from the pantry, bubble and squeak made from the mash leftover from some potato skins we had at the weekend and some spring onions of dubious quality, some leftover cauli and more of the massive bag of peas.

Tuesday - Beans and veg in jerk sauce with garlic bread. Garlic bread from the freezer, roast tomatoes, courgettes and onions from my parents, a tin of butterbeans and a jar of sauce from the pantry and a sweet potato.

Wednesday - it's just me, so I'll have leftover jerk with rice

Thursday - Plaki with v-pud, all stuff from the fridge and pantry

Friday - Curry with mushrooms, a pepper, courgette and onions we already have, spices and stuff from the pantry, onion bhajis from the freezer

Saturday - The pulled jackfruit, we didn't have it last week. 

Sunday - As yet unknown, if all else fails it will be dhal, I still have some sweet potatoes so wil probably make sweet potato cakes too. 

We have cereal and bread for breakfast, yesterday I roasted yet more veg and added some frozen soy beans to some cous cous for lunch, we'll eat that pretty much all week. Beans on toast at the weekend.

I don't have any other expenses really, it's not my week for buying coffee, so I'll still be going out but with no spend. The only thing I need to buy is broccoli for the buns. We're at home this weekend, hopefully going to the tip and getting the garden sorted. 

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