Wednesday, 23 September 2015

October Menu Plan

We're quickly coming to the best time of year food wise, at least for me. Loads of standing cuddling a slowcooker or leaning against the oven door for a bit of extra warmth is my idea of fun. The food is pretty god too. I'm trying to ease myself into it and not eat all my favourite things in one go.

1. sweet potato caes w. roast tofu
2. roast tofu sandwich
3. pasta

4. roast
5. maftoul stuffed squash
6. risotto
7. stirfry
8. chilli 
9. dhal w. freekeh
10 burgers w. sweet potato chips

11 roast
12 lentil bol
13 veg and barley stoup
14 out
15 lentil, garlic and butterbean stew
16 tacos
17 l/o

18 soup and sandwich
19 shepherdess pie
20 l/o
21 Autumn tabbouleh
22 empty-the-fridge one pot
23 curry
24 sushi

25 mushroom pot pie
26 lasagne
27 veg and bean jerk
28 jambalaya
29 leek and butterbean stew w. v-pud
30 curry
31 stuffed mushrooms

1 roast

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