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Mid September Check In

Since the savings dropped off I haven't done much of a round up. 

The month started with a fair old bit of spending with the dining table, sideboard and chest of drawers, Dan also splurged on some very much needed work shoes from Wills. The only other real expense we've had is a birthday gift for my niece and that ended up being half price *hooray*.

We received our compensation from the water company, which has gone into savings, we didn't have to pay for someone to repair the washing machine. Dan bought two editions of the local paper in order to get some £10 train tickets which will save us a nice amount when we go to Manchester next month. The extra bonus of the newspaper is that I used it to absorb most of the water that came out of the washing machine yesterday! I received the first of my 3 for £3 magazines along with two packets of seeds, and I've arranged a seed swap with Father. Dan was in and out of the hospital so quickly the other day that he didn't need to pay for parking (the first 30 minutes are free). 

There's just under half of the grocery/household budget left, and with a rejiggle of the menu plan (not much of one) much of that should be left at the end of the month. With working through the food we already have in we might even be able to finally defrost the freezer, something very much needed. 

So we're dribbing and drabbing bits of money into the savings pots at the minute, I'm happy about that October will be a big month for savings, probably the last one of the year, then we'll be planning to get going again in January. 


  1. wow you have done well!
    I know The feeling regarding washing machines, I've been having a few myself haha :)

    1. Hi, thanks for nipping in to comment. I didn't realise how much I appreciated my washing machine until I thought it had gone for good!


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