Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happy Mundane 3

This weekend has been one buying and doing all of those thing we need to do but always delay because its a bit boring and it always seems there are better things to spend money on. But as we move towards the colder part of the year there are things that make life a bit more comfortable.

Dan bought some slippers (that's the second most exciting thing), we bought some bunny rugs, I started to clean the living area windows - it is taking longer than I thought, they're exceptionally dirty, we bought some candles, and most importantly we bought some new lino for under the bunny pen. We went to the slightly-dodgy-looking-from-the-outside place we bought our living area floor because we know there are bargains to be had. For various (getting a bit lost) reasons we ended up having to walk a short way to the warehouse and on our way we saw a very nicely dressed man foraging! That's the exciting thing that happened by the way. I'm not surprised his Lidl Bag For Life was full, there were tons of apples all going to waste. Sadly, we were carrying a roll of lino so we couldn't partake. 

I have also sorted some seeds ready for the seed swap next week, written a card for my niece, sorted out some cash pots for various things and pressed my quilt top, it's not quite big enough yet and I've not got enough fabric, so I have to make some decisions - do I make the quilt a bit smaller than I thought, do I do a border in a different design to the rest of the quilt and use up the scraps, or do I find some different fabric and do something else? I haven't quite decided. 

By the way, I have to sing the praises of the wind up torch stashed in the junk drawer. Dan got it as a pretty uninspiring looking Secret Santa gift a fair few years ago, but without it I may never have unclogged the washing machine. 


  1. I love wind up torches, they are great!!! Ha, I'm just out to forage for damsons- there's a tree on the mainroad which nobody is attacking- so it shall be mine! I tried one and they are even tasty enough to eat raw!
    Slippers ARE exciting! I love my ones and I hate the fact there is a big hole in the toe as the rest of them is perfectly intact-so refusing to buy new ones!
    P.S. Had two delightful bunnies on mylap for 20 minutes yesterday! Luxury bunny cuddles!x

    1. Wind up torches are great, I am very good at remembering to give each one a wind up occasionally, much easier than remembering where the spare batteries are.

      The new slippers are of great fascination to the white bunny for some reason, she won't leave them alone, strange beast. Lucky you getting some bunny time, I have not had a 20 minute bunny cuddle for many years. Our previous bun loved to sit up with us, this pair are hugely offended at the mere suggestion!

  2. I keep a wind up torch in my car ( although I hardly ever go out in the dark.......) maybe I should move it into the house. When I need a torch I often use my sons Lego torch, which is super tiny. We've had a dog staying for the week, so our bunnies are still a bit jittery!! Poor things. Sarah

    1. Oh, poor buns. We're going away for the weekend in November and my parents are coming to rabbit sit, they're bringing my two nieces, I dread to think how frayed they'll be when we get back!

      A torch in the house is always a good thing.