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Don't Shop, Shop, Don't Shop

the melancholy walk from St Anne's to Fairhaven
Over the bank holiday weekend did I relax with a nice walk on the beach, spend time at home primping and doing thrifty things with Dan or did I join the ridiculous masses of people mindlessly wandering around shops?

All of the above!

Dan finally had enough of storing his clothes in a small plastic storage unit and wanted something more suitable. While he was at it he'd had enough of quite a few other things too. So I offered them to my family on facebook (have I said this already?) and my brother very much wanted them. So it was time to shop. 

Luckily for us there's a mid century shop in the town, it used to be known as Second Hand Rose and I bought the recently painted tv unit from there. It's now known as The Attick and is far more fancy and right in the centre of town. I had window shopped a couple of things in there recently, so into the shopping basket they went, complete with free delivery and a discount for buying the two items. This freed up time to walk down the coast to Lytham, just for the sake of it, including a nice paddle in the sea. 

Sunday saw us poking around a couple of antiques centres and ended up with a new dining table and chairs, complete with 10% discount and free loan of a screwdriver so we could fit it into the car. Monday saw us shifting furniture, cleaning, decluttering and replacing curtains, Dan has always disliked the curtains in the spare room, so now they're gone to be replaced by something plain and blackout. The bonus of this is that we found some distinctly in the right area for our new table placemats - from Dunelm Mill of all the places. Rounded off with a use it up pasta bake - with 3 types of pasta, topped with breadcrumbs made with some not all that nice buns from Waitrose and a crumble using some not all that nice cereal, the rest of the frozen fruit and compote and the last sprinkling of seeds. A great way to prepare the freezer for defrosting!


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    1. Well, when I say it was "in", it had reached the end of the pier which is about the best we can hope for.

  2. Ooh, very productive! I'm glad you found the furniture and items you needed AND a lovely walk! The THREE types of pasta sounds exciting!x

    1. Thanks Kezzie. The best bit of the three pasta bake was that I don't have to eat orzo ever again!


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