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I'm trying not to over Autumn in one go, but it has been a little chilly underfoot in the living room for the past couple of days. I love the hard floor, but warm it is not. So we have started the build up to maximum nesting by bringing in the rugs. The living area rug is a new one, and it's big enough to run under the sofa and armchairs so my feet don't get cold before I put my slippers back on. 

We were very brave/daft and went to Ikea to buy it on Sunday, it was pretty busy but weirdly I found that quite relaxing for some reason. Plus we had veggie balls for lunch.

The dining area has an old, small rug, just big enough to fit under the table. It's maybe not ideal but it's really warm so it is very welcome. 

The washing machine is still out of action so I've been handwashing everything, happily it's nice enough to get everything dry outside, not too chilly nor too damp for that. The thick duvet is off to the launderette to be washed so that will be ready to go when the time comes, we're a way off that yet, but I'm getting it done before the need arrives. 


  1. Your new rug has really nice colours... it looks like it compliments the one under the table. Jx

    1. Thanks. I hadn't considered how the two rugs look together, but you're right they work well. I'm extra pleased now you've pointed that out!


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