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Another Freebie Of The Week

I have fixed the washing machine!

The fact that it was my fault that the washing machine didn't work in the first place is not relevant as I am having working washing machine joy. All that was needed was the filter to be cleaned, but I have always been unable to open it, Dan loosened it and I took the plunge and opened it. 

I never wish to smell that smell ever again!


  1. I think something similar happened with our machine one time. I'm really not great at tech maintenance, so OH cleaned the filter and got it working again. But good work, that will have saved you a fortune in getting the repair man out or even getting a new machine.

    1. I am so happy. All it took was to clean the filter and fish a clump of gunk out of the very back of the piece that can't be removed - I knew those chopsticks would come in handy one day!

      We spent £16.50 at the launderette but £10 of that was the winter duvet so we would have had that expense anyway, and it was so nice to have tumble dried towels for a change!

  2. tumble dryer filter gets very clogged but my washing machine usually turns up little in the way of 'gunk'
    You may know this - but apparently if you don't defrost your freezer regularly it's energy efficiency goes down and therefore its electricity consumption goes up- I guess it makes sense..

    1. Thanks, I have heard that about the freezer, if we can do something to help the electricity bills then it's worth a little bit of work. I'll take the opportunity to make sure all the coils and things at the back are clean and dust free, I think I read somewhere that this helps with efficiency too.

      I have never had a problem with a washing machine filter before, so either I'm more messy than I used to be, or this washing machine is fantastic for finding gunk in laundry. Who knows which it is.


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