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Leave No Trace

My general view of life is that things have no meaning unless groups or individuals ascribe a meaning to them. This is a pretty freeing way of thinking and it's easy to not get bogged down with the big stuff, it also means I can get bogged down in very small stuff. 

My recent re-embracing of melancholy (which is very easy when you spend a lot of time staring out to sea) is of course making me think of big things, the point of being on the Earth, what would be the best way of me living here and what would happen afterwards. 

I suppose my reason for being here isn't really my reason, my parents made that decision for me, so I don't have to think about that anymore *phew*. I keep seeing and hearing lots of things about legacy and what I would leave behind. Again, I don't think that's for me to worry about, it will either be something - probably financial or something I may or may not plant in the memory of my nieces. So the only thing that really matters is that how I live, because if I do have any input into my purpose or my legacy then it will only come from what I do now. 

Which is why that is the thing to mull over. And that is the purpose of tea.


  1. I like this - food for thought! I think you're right in that we don't always get to choose our legacy; that is for the people after us to decide, but we do get to choose how to live now.

  2. Good post, I hope you have it of tea.


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