Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Bin Slimming

Nine or ten years ago when we were in the swing of domestic bliss, paying off debts, making our nest and trimming our fat bodies we got rid of our kitchen bin. I'm not quite sure why we brought the bin back some years later, I think it might have been when the house went on the market, so the kitchen didn't look weird.

Fast forward to this house, and I really dislike the bin. So it's going. 

We've spoken about it for a while, yes the evenings fly by here, and we agree that it's more of a pain than a help. Nipping out to put something in the wheelie bin a couple of times a day is far easier than wrestling with a full bag, not to mention the bits that occasionally* fall on the floor (as most of our waste is hay). I've also been reading about the qualities of rabbit stuff for making compost, full of nitrogen apparently. So I've ordered two small compost bins, I think two small ones will be better for us than one big one. Even if we only compost half the rabbit litter it vastly reduce the amount going to the kerbside collection which means the bin wont be as full which means we won't miss having a bin in the kitchen!

In other thrilling news, I really like the new ironing board. 



  1. No bin out on show here, just a bucket under the sink which is emptied every day. Compostable and recyclable stuff goes straight outside. I don't have a bread bin either.

    1. We have a recycling bag in the kitchen, but it is easier to just nip out with things instead of messing about adding an extra step. We do have a bread bin, we only keep it because Dan thinks it looks nice.