Friday, 10 July 2015

To Hull In A Hire Car

it was like going back in time (in a good way)
The hire car has been returned this morning and our car has gone to the garage - the problem with our car is one of those that could cost £0 or £1000 depending on what he finds when he gets in there. I'm not thinking about it just now.

Yesterday to round off our day trips, we went to Hull, and what a day to go, the weather was ideal for wandering round and taking some photographs. Our intention was to do the Fish Trail but it ended up being a ghost sign spotting tour instead, we did spot a few of the fish panels though! I know it's not everyone's first choice for a day out but we had an amazing time, it was fab to see all the building work taking place in readiness for the 2017 Capital of Culture as well as just enjoy a wander on a gorgeous day. 

tidal barrier

We walked down to the river, we'd driven past the tidal barrier loads of times on our way to Hull KR's ground, but never been up to it before (the building in the background is The Deep aquarium). It's a nice area to walk - although some routes are closed at the minute due to the aforementioned building work, there are views out to the Humber Bridge and dock areas, all very enjoyable for fans of an industrial view, which I am. 

Moat of my pictures were of tiles, ghost signs, drain pipes and white phone boxes, which I won't share, but this mural is really special. Dan didn't tell me about this mural, it was his final surprise to me! Made of glass blocks, it was created by Alan Boyson in 1963 to celebrate Hull's fishing fleet, formerly adorning the co-op, now BHS. What a beauty it is. 

We ate out again too, on Monday I'd seen a post from The Vegan Society about the new an exciting menu from Handmade Burger Co. there's one in Hull so we decided to give it a go. It was a good choice! The chips are chips, not fries which is a positive for me and the burgers are just delicious - although I can't imagine anyone would want to sit and watch me eat one as it was a bit messy. Dan went for a Cajun veg and bean burger which came with regular relish, I went for a sweet potato and bean plus a mushroom, which was served with mango relish. We were extra naughty and had a shake each too, the waitress had to send someone out for soy milk as they didn't have any in (although it's on the menu) but it was worth the wait, delicious!

We rounded off the day, as much as you can round something off when you still have nearly three hours to get home by visiting the Humber Bridge, there's a fantastic country park on the site of an old chalk quarry, another real surprise to us. We mainly went to have a look at the bridge, but the park was a real bonus. 

Humber Bridge
I can't wait to go back. 

It probably goes without saying that neither the Handmade Burger Co. nor Visit Hull were daft enough to ask me to write nice things about them, it all came from my own tiny brain. 


  1. Lovely photos from my home city. I do love that concrete mural, it seems to get better with age. It's probably something you take for granted when you've been brought up in a place. My mum used to work in a building behind it, so I used to walk past it every day when I went to mum's office to get a lift home.

    You also photographed another of my all time favourite buildings in the city, House of Fraser, or Hammonds, as it used to be called. I can remember bunking off sixth form and going to a cafe on the top floor with a friend for coffee and feeling really grown up. Sad, but true. The cafe is no longer there, but I love the building. I worked opposite it for a couple of years above the station and was a too regular visitor to the store with storecard and all.

    It's really nice to hear someone saying something positive about the city and enjoying a visit there. It gets a lot of bad press, but if you know where to look there are some real treasures there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in the city for the 2017 celebrations. We should be going back for a few days in the summer holidays to see family and we always try to go into town for at least an afternoon and check out our old haunts.

    By the way, our dog loves the Humber Bridge country park, OH's parents live just up the road from there, so it is her regular walk when we visit.

    1. I think everywhere is the same, it's impossible to really appreciate where you live/come from, when you see it again as an outsider or someone else points "the obvious" out to you then it's a good way to see things afresh. I think we took around 300 photographs yesterday, and that was without even trying.

      I've probably said before that Dan was working in Hull when we first met, in fact it was meeting me that stopped him from moving there! It looks like a fair few beautiful old buildings will be demolished, but it's the way of things - preserve some and others will go, especially around the area of the council offices. It's a massive area and it will be interesting to see what happens there.

      Most of the negativity I hear about Hull, and places in general, come from people who have never visited. Just because a place doesn't spoonfeed you great places to visit, doesn't mean there are no places to visit at all.

  2. I had my photo taken with Father Christmas in Hammonds circa 1970. We lived in Driffield at the time and had gone to visit family in Hull ( a large number of my extended family were trawlermen sailing out of Hull). We took our younger daughter to The Deep a number of years ago- it was a great day out.
    I am bridge phobic, so the only time I crossed the Humber Bridge was very traumatic!

    1. I've heard The Deep is very good, I like their tagline about conservation not profit too.

      I don't enjoy bridges or other things over water. I managed about half a dozen steps, if that, onto the pier before I could see the water through the slats and started to panic!

  3. How did you end up under the Humber Bridge?

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. The country park has paths leading down to the riverside so it's easy to walk down and alongside the bridge.

  4. My stomping ground, I live in a village just south of the bridge. I was on the north bank this week but couldn't get out of the car due to the torrential rain. Smashing photo of the bridge. The country park is a nice walk.Elizabeth, you can drive to the waters edge underneath the bridge and walk from there.

    1. We have had some serious rain this week!

      I like Humberside a lot, there are some amazing places to have a tramp around, but it's almost like it's a secret, which I like, but it is a shame more people don't bother to venture out that way. It's the same with some areas of Lancashire, beautiful but not really in the spotlight unlike some other more touristy places.