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Six Days, Five Pounds

Actually it's £5.20.

After thinking about food to get us to next Monday plus starting the pantry run down I got cracking. 

In the fridge there was about 15 tomatoes, half a sprig of broccoli, three peppers, an avocado, 1 small courgette, 5 mushrooms, half a red onion, half a leek, a small lettuce, some celery, half a melon, half a lemon and a nectarine. Along with this was the open passata, the usual sauces and pastes, two cartons of milk - one vanilla, one unsweetened and a carton of apple and rhubarb juice. In other words, a ton of stuff. 

I weighed everything that was already open in the pantry and we have a large amount of pasta - 20 lasagne sheets, 500g tagliatelle, 400g penne, 1 portion of spaghetti and a small amount of orzo. Along with that there's 250g smoked freekeh, just under a kilo of brown rice and about 200g couscous. There are two tins of baked beans, one of cannellini, a carton of passata and loads of lentils and spices. I also started some sprouts in the sprouter, these will be ready for the weekend to use with the tomatoes and lettuce at lunchtime, we'll also open a jar of red cabbage and eat more of the sunflower seeds. We have a few cereal bars, plenty of porridge and some cereal for breakfast, more than enough teas and coffee.

I roasted two of the three peppers along with most of the other veg, keeping some back for the chow mein. I'll add some of the celery, passata and some cannelini beans to this to make the spicy rice and make some guacamole for tonight. The rest of the roast veg and beans will make the pasta bake. 

As mentioned yesterday we'll have jacket potatoes and beans, they're already in the pantry. That's four evenings dealt with, five including the mystery lentil thing, I will probably use some of the lasagne with that and layer it up, there's just enough flour to make a white sauce.That leaves one final meal on Sunday, which may well be the remaining pepper stuffed with an orzo and lentil mixture with anything else we have to go alongside it, maybe dhal using up the small amount of split peas we have left, we have mango chutney to make that seem a bit more exciting. 

To sweeten the deal I'm going to make a tart with the roasted rhubarb from last week, there's a jelly, some nakd bites, loads of frozen berries, plus custard. Not too shabby at all. 


  1. I'm currently munching my way through the nuts and dried fruit in our cupboard. I'm also trying to use up all the pasta and rice and other dried foods as much as possible. I've now got quite a few empty jars, ready to refill next month with a new budget. It feels good to get right to the bottom of the jars and wash them out ready to start over again. I just need to remember what I originally had in them!

    1. I think I have so much because I started to think more variety was important, but we don't need it at all, but I'm left with lots of part used ingredients.

      You're right, emptying them in order to make sure they have a good wash is just as good a plan as eating the stuff just to get rid of it.


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